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19 January 2021 - 5 February 2021
GALATEA Innovation Clubs and B2B sessions

What is GALATEA?

GALATEA is a H2020 project which aims at supporting SMEs eager to contribute to the development of Blue Growth.

The project focuses on 4 main domains having a high potential in terms of smart and sustainable growth: the Smart Ship, the Smart Port, the Smart Shipyard and Maritime Surveillance.

3 horizontal dimensions of paramount importance for these four domains are in addition taken into account: Digital transition, Ecological transition and Circular Economy.


  • To foster the creation or the improvement of products (goods and service) or the improvement of production processes with the reduction of raw material consumption.
  • To enhance the development of new value chains in the targeted four Blue Growth domains through a systematic approach providing innovation support to individual and consortium of SMEs.
  • To support the development of large-scale demonstrators.
  • To provide innovation support through Vouchers, services and other support mechanisms to SMEs.
  • To offer SMEs the opportunity to extend their markets worldwide.


  • Challenge emergence: End-users identified in the 6 domains of interest are involved to list and analyse their actual needs and challenges;
  • Projects emergence: Innovative actors will be gathered during several events in order to favour project ideas and to give the opportunity to meet and share;
  • Innovation support: Open calls for proposal and for services will be launched to select SMEs offering a solution to the identified needs. They will get up to 60 000 € for the development of their solution and/or a coaching service offered by clusters partners;
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Funded project will be monitored and evaluate by the clusters partners to measure their impact;
  • Projects sustainability: GALATEA partners will ensure the sustainability of the funded project by investigating the possible next steps for the granted SMEs.

Call for projects:

GALATEA's Call for Voucher and Services is now open! You have until the 31st of March 2021 to submit your application.

The Call will be presented to you on the 05th of February 2021. If needed you can get in touch with your local Cluster member of GALATEA to get more information or guidance regarding the pairing with foreign SMEs.

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