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19 Jan 2021 - 5 Feb 2021
GALATEA Innovation Clubs and B2B sessions
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Open until 4 February 2021

What is GALATEA?

GALATEA is a H2020 project which aims at supporting SMEs eager to contribute to the development of Blue Growth.

The project focuses on 4 main domains having a high potential in terms of smart and sustainable growth: the Smart Ship, the Smart Port, the Smart Shipyard and Maritime Surveillance.

3 horizontal dimensions of paramount importance for these four domains are in addition taken into account: Digital transition, Ecological transition and Circular Economy.


  • To foster the creation or the improvement of products (goods and service) or the improvement of production processes with the reduction of raw material consumption.
  • To enhance the development of new value chains in the targeted four Blue Growth domains through a systematic approach providing innovation support to individual and consortium of SMEs.
  • To support the development of large-scale demonstrators.
  • To provide innovation support through Vouchers, services and other support mechanisms to SMEs.
  • To offer SMEs the opportunity to extend their markets worldwide.


  • Challenge emergence: End-users identified in the 6 domains of interest are involved to list and analyse their actual needs and challenges;
  • Projects emergence: Innovative actors will be gathered during several events in order to favour project ideas and to give the opportunity to meet and share;
  • Innovation support: Open calls for proposal and for services will be launched to select SMEs offering a solution to the identified needs. They will get up to 60 000 € for the development of their solution and/or a coaching service offered by clusters partners;
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Funded project will be monitored and evaluate by the clusters partners to measure their impact;
  • Projects sustainability: GALATEA partners will ensure the sustainability of the funded project by investigating the possible next steps for the granted SMEs.

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Germany 1
Greece 10
Italy 1
North Macedonia 1
Poland 23
Romania 9
Spain 16
United States 2
Viet Nam 1
Total 106


SME 59
University 3
R&D Institution 2
Other 8
Cluster partner 28
Large company 3
Total 103

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